Standard Terms and Conditions

For Purchase Orders Issued by K&A Machine & Tool, Inc.

  1. 100% On-Time Delivery and Quality is our Customers expectation, therefore is our expectation of our Suppliers also. Your Quality and Delivery performance will be observed and corrective actions may be requested if warranted.
  2. All Statutory and Regulatory requirements, including safety and MSDS, shall be adhered to.
  3. K&A Machine & Tool, Inc. and/or its Customers reserve the Right of Access to our Supplier's premises for Source Verification, Supplier Audits and/or Records.
  4. Any Drawings, Specifications, Standards and/or Special Requirements identified on the purchase order shall be adhered to.
  5. When Certificates of Analysis and/or Test Results are required, these documents shall be shipped with the products or separate delivery prior to shipment.
  6. When method of shipment deviates from what is stated on the purchase order, the Cost of Premium/Excess Freight shall be communicated to and approved by K&A Machine & Tool, Inc. prior to shipment.
  7. The supplier shall notify K&A Machine & Tool, Inc. of any process or product changes PRIOR to implementation or utilization. Written approval from K&A Machine and Tool, Inc. is required.
  8. The supplier shall not subcontract without prior written approval from K&A Machine & Tool, Inc.
  9. The supplier shall notify K&A Machine & Tool, Inc. of any nonconformance(s) or suspect product immediately upon discovery. This includes suspected (potential) nonconformances discovered after product delivery to K&A.
  10. Quality verification and/or validation records created and retained by the supplier shall be legible, identifiable and retrievable for a minimum of 10 calendar years. Controls shall be in place for the identification, storage, protection, retrieval, retention and disposition of these records.
  11. Eaton Corporation Global Supplier Excellence Manual is a flow down requirement for all suppliers listed on the Eaton Aerospace Approved Supplier Listing (ASL).
  12. In the event that a supplier is not Eaton approved for a Special Process being purchased by K&A, the supplier shall not perform any work and shall notify K&A immediately.
  13. AS9102 First Article Inspection is required for first time processes, revision changes affecting your process and in the event a process change occurs.
  14. DFARS CLAUSE(s): 252.225-7008, 7009, 7010 & 7016 apply, except for orders of MRO items or where an explicit written waiver is supplied by K&A.
  15. Suppliers are expected to be aware of their contribution to product safety and the Conformity of the product(s) they process or sell to K&A Machine and Tool, Inc. and the importance of ethical behavior. Ref 8.4.3 of AS9100:2016.
  16. Suppliers are expected to adhere to K&A's Counterfeit Parts and Prevention Policy section: Use of Unauthorized Suppliers parts a thru e.

K&A Document PUR-005 11/8/18.

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